Weaponizing Raspberry Pi with The PenTesters Framework


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Dear Readers,

The weather and aura outside are getting bleaker and bleaker (at least in some countries). This is the best time to use those unfavorable external conditions to your advantage! Dedicate this time to expanding your knowledge and getting your hands (and brain) on our new Hakin9 Magazine issue!

You will read about such tools as Infooze or Metasploit. Also, you will follow one of our authors with exploiting SQL injection using Acunetix Vulnerability Scanner and sqlmap. To broaden your knowledge, you will find out about Smart Contract Security Auditing and handling encrypted assets.

You will also learn about weaponizing Raspberry Pi with The PenTesters Framework. Apart from this, you can take a look at a review of some encryption methodologies and an introduction to a new methodology that may challenge the National Security Agency! Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Another mysterious topic brought to you by our author is ‘Hacking Destruction Algorithms’. 

Last but certainly not least, we have an interview with Karan Dwivedi, a security engineering manager at Google where he leads a team of engineers to reduce risk to the company! 

We really hope that you will enjoy this issue’s content!

Stay safe,

Hakin9 Editorial Team


Weaponizing Raspberry Pi with the PenTesters Framework

Daniel Dieterle

Metasploit from Scratch

Mtro. Jorge Vázquez del Río


Sarthak Thakur

Interview with Karan Dwivedi

(...) An introduction to a new encryption methodology that may challenge the National Security Agency

Paul F. Renda

Hacking Destruction Algorithms

Wilson Mendes

Exploiting SQL injection using Acunetix Vulnerability Scanner and sqlmap

Adam Karim

Smart Contract Security Auditing

Youssef Khaoulaj

Handling encrypted assets

Washington Almeida

How to configure a Phishing server with NGINX, GoPhish and SendGrid

Júlio César Silveira Mélo



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