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Dear Readers,

We would like to introduce a special The BEST OF  issue made by Hakin9. This time will deal with Python. The articles we published are not only for hacker but also will help you program in Python. Moreover, we added some articles on C++. You will learn how to conduct an audit using C++ Code analysis. You can compare it with offensive programming with Python. For sure after reading our step-by-step tutorials you will become a professional auditor with must-have knowledge about Python programming. You will get to know how to analyze source code to find vulnerabilities which will help you to protect your websites and applications. This time you will a reach section Extra articles about Payment Cards, Hardware Hacking and Evidence Analysis.

Enjoy reading,
Ewa & Hakin9 Team


>>Table of Contents<<

    • C++ – Introduction to Code Analysis and Audit by Bamidele Ajayi

    • C++ Code Analysis by Mohammed AlAbbadi

    • Offensive Python by Kris Kaspersky

    • Having Fun with Antennas and Why You Need to Make Your Own by Guillaume Puyo

    • Payment Card Security by Marios Andreou

    • Evidence Analysis by Mudit Sethia

    • Python: A Guide for Beginners by Mohit Saxena

    • Starting Python Programming and the Use of Docstring and dir() by Sotaya Yakubu

    • Beginning with Django by Alberto Paro

    • Better Django Unit Testing Using Factories Instead of Fixtures by Anton Sipos

    • Using Python Fabric to Automate GNU/Linux Server Configuration Tasks by Renato Candido

    • The Python Logging Module is Much Better Than Print Statements by W. Matthew Wilson

    • Python, Web Security and Django by Steve Lott

    • Building a Console 2-player Chess Board Game in Python by George Psarakis

    • Write a Web App and Learn Python. Background and Primer for Tackling the Django Tutorial by Adam Nelson

    • Efficient Data and Financial Analytics with Python by Dr. Yves J. Hilpisch

    • Test-Driven Development with Python by Josh VanderLinden

    • Python Iterators, Iterables, and the Itertool Module by Saad Bin Akhlaq

    • Building a Code Instrumentation Library with Python and ZeroMQ by Rob Martin

    • Django and Tornado: Python Web Frameworks by Michael D’Agosta

    • Secure Authentication in Python by Anubhav Sinha

    • Timing Python Scripts with Timeit by Daniel Zohar

    • IronPython – a Acripting Language for the .NET Framework by Florian Bergmann

    • How to Develop Programs in a Few Lines of Codes by Rehman Danish Fazlur

    • The Web Framework and the Deadline Part 1 (Introduction) by Renato Oliveira

    • The Web Framework and the Deadline Part 2 by Renato Oliveira

    • Philosophy of Python by Douglas Camata

    • Conditional Expressions In Python by Lawrence D’Oliveiro

    • Python WebApps – From Zero to Live by Jader Silva, Leon Waldman, Vinicius Miana

    • Programming Python for Web with WSGI by Klaus Laube

    • ModelForms in Django. A Tutorial with a Perspective on Workflow Enhancement by Agam Dua, Abhishek

    • Interview with Mikhail Berman by The Team

    • Making Web Development Simpler with Python by Douglas Soares

    • Exploiting Format Strings with Python by Craig Wright

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