Software Security Testing (W11)

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Module 1 

 The Basics of Software Security

    • Types of Software

    • What is Security Software?

    • Secure Coding of Software

Module 2 

Types of Software Security Testing

    • Software Security Testing

    • Core Values

    • Front End Testing (FET)

    • End-to-End Testing (E2E)

    • Main Code Testing (MCoT)

    • Black Box Method

    • Security Code Review Tools

Module 3

 Source Code Review Tools & Techniques

    • Why do we need tools?

    • Leading Source Code Review Tools

        • Flawfinder

        • IBM Rational Software Analyzer

        • Veracode SAST

        • Secure Coding Validation Suite by CERT

        • Microsoft CAT.NET

Module 4 

Demo Code Review

    • What is Flawfinder?

    • How does it work?

    • Practicing Flawfinder

Module 5

Security in Software Development Lifecycle

    • Security in software Development

    •  What is security in the software development lifecycle?

    •  Industry Facts 

Module 6

Workshop eBook

6 reviews for Software Security Testing (W11)

  1. Olivier

    I was hoping deeper information but I think it’s a good introduction to be able to go further, the problem is presented and then each steps is then exposed.

  2. Irwan Kurnawan Amat Sapuan

    Topic covered are not detailed in technical

  3. [email protected]

    Content was good just not in depth enough. It was a good intro for someone not playing in this space to dig deeper.

  4. nicks_sarang

    Nice course…


    There is a good Secure Source Code Review tool called Checkmarx CxAudit which is really good but not covered. Similarly for Armorize.

    More coverage and examples could make the course better.

  6. securegeek

    This course is a nice primer for people getting into security.
    For security experts that are already familiar with SDL this is fine a fast review.

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