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Dear Readers,

We would like to introduce a special The BEST OF issue made by Hakin9. This time will deal with Mobile Hacking.  Moreover, we added some articles on Digital Forensics.

Enjoy reading,
Hakin9 Team


>>Table of Contents<<

  • Digital Forensics With Kali Linux 
    by V.P.Prabhakaran
  • School Security: How to Build and Strengthen a School Safety Program by Paul Timm
  • Book Review by Aby Rao
  • Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner by Michael Ortega
  • The BYOD Mobile Security Spectrum: A Functional Taxonomy for Risk by Winn Schwartau
  • Location Dependent Attacks on Mobile Services by Nitin Goplani
  • How to Elevate to Domain Admin the easy way! by Umair Vayani
  • Low Tech Hacking by Navneet Sharma
  • Security In Wireless Sensor Networks – Major Attacks, Encryption, Algorithms And Security Protocols 54by Deivison Pinheiro Franco
  • Approaches For Computer Forensics In Virtualized Environments Live And Dead Analysis Techniques by Deivison Pinheiro Franco
  • Forensics On Smartphones – A Technique For Apprehension, Acquisition, Examination and Analysis Of Evidences In Android Operating Systems by Deivison Pinheiro Franco
  • Web Application Level Approach against the HTTP Flood Attacks IOSEC HTTP Anti Flood/DoS Security Gateway Module  by Gökhan Muharremoğlu
  • How to Set Up Apache Web Server with Secure Configuration by Davor Guttierrez
  • Web Servers Analysis Under DoS Attacks by Predrag TaSevSki
  • Developers’ Challenge Results – ESC India 2012 by Jason Masters Global Product Manager
  • Learn and test yourself with Hack Defense  by Estera Godlewska
  • jhead by Mervyn Heng
  • Mobile Phone Spying, Detection and Countermeasures by Akinfe Oluwafemi
  • SIM Card Hacking by Anupam Sharma
  • Windows Phone 8 Application Penetration Testing Essentials by Wouter Veugelen
  • Mobile Network Traffic Analysis by R. Milad Hosseni
  • Mobile Kids Safety What Do You Need To Know When Your Kid Is Using A Mobile Phone  by Dalibor Vlaho
  • When is a Tablet Safer Than PC? by Farzad Ghafourian
  • Interview with Akinfe Oluwafemi by Julia Adamczewska
  • Interview with Dalibor Vlahoby Julia Adamczewska
  • Mobile Device Security by Prashant Verma and Sreenarayan
    • Virtualization Security by Amar Wakharkar
  • Android Mobile Security by Vinay Gayakwad
  • The Ultimate Hat Trick that Worked over the Last Couple of Thousand Years by Zsolt Nemeth
  • Interview with Scott Gordon by Aby Rao
  • Interview with Arun Sood by Zsolt Nemeth and Jeffrey Smith
  • Android Forensics by Manish Chasta
  • Data Handling on iOS Devices by Dominic Chell
  • An overview of Web Application Security Issues by Julian Evans
  • Movement on the Mobile Exploit Front by Tam Hanna
  • Mobile Malware – the New Cyber Threat An analysis of the potential malware threat to mobiles by Julian Evans
  • Mobile Web: Privacy Keeping and Exploitation Methods by Mauro Gentile
  • Mobile Malware Analysis by Cory Adams
  • Analysis of ZitMo (Zeus in the Mobile) by Dhawal Desai
  • Android Security – ZITMO Malware by Prashant Verma
  • Android Trojan Geinimi  by Dhawal Desai
  • Does your BlackBerry Smartphone have Ears? by Yury Chemerkin
  • Tag: You’re infected! QR Codes as attack vectors by Tim Kulp
  • Smartphones Security and Privacy by Rebecca Wynn
  • Pen testing on Android Setting up a lab by Thomas Cannon
  • Apple iOS Security in the Enterprise by Oliver Karow
  • Lawful Interception on Mobile Telecom Service by Ted Chao
  • When Developers API Simplify User-mode Rootkits Developing by Yury Chemerkin
  • How To Develop In Android? by Duygu Kahraman
  • Bluetooth Hacking Tools by Dennis Browning
  • A Bits’ Life by Tomasz Bolesław CEDRO and Marcin Armand Kuzia
  • Android Security by Bhadreshsinh Gohil
  • Android Hacking Made Easy – What You Can Do To Limit Your Exposureby John Lear
  • Weak Wi-Fi Security, Evil Hotspots and Pentesting with Android by Daniel Dieterle
  • Build Secure Android Applications with ITTIA DB SQL by Sasan Montaseri
  • Decompiling Android Workshop by Godfrey Nolan
  • Android OS Getting Started with Customizing Your Own Rom by Kellen Razzano and Ed Sweetman
  • How to Research an APKby Nathan Collie
  • AppUse Android Pentest Platform Unified Standalone Environment by Erez Metula
  • How to Provide Strong Authentication for Your Users by Roman Yudkin
  • Quantum IQ How the Worlds Military’s Intend to Capitalize on the Future of Mobile and Neuroscience Technologies by Jere Simpson
  • Mobile Antivirus Is a Myth by Ken Westin
  • An interview with Omar Khan the Co-CEO of NQ Mobile by Marek Majewski
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