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Dear Hakin9 Readers,

Welcome to the new issue of Hakin9 magazine, titled "Dark Web Vol.3" - an exploratory journey into the shadowy realms of the internet and the cybersecurity challenges that lurk within. As the digital age evolves, so  does the complexity of the threats we face online, making an understanding of the dark web more crucial than ever.

In this volume, we tackle a diverse range of topics that illuminate both the risks and the unexpected opportunities presented by the dark web. From the dark alleys of the Internet and the battle over DNS port 53, to innovative strategies for ransomware protection in 2024, our expert contributors provide cutting-edge insights and practical guidance.

We also explore other  cybersecurity topics, such as the use of the deep web as a force for societal good, challenging the stigma that surrounds its darker counterpart. This edition aims to provide a holistic view of the dark web, going beyond the sensationalism to address real-world implications and solutions.

Whether you’re a cybersecurity professional seeking to enhance your defensive strategies, a policy maker, or simply a curious reader, "Dark Web Vol.3" offers a comprehensive examination of the digital underworld and its impact on global security. Join us as we navigate these shadowed alleys, uncovering the tools and tactics needed to not only survive but thrive in the age of digital shadows.

Dive in!

Hakin9 Editorial Team



Ransomware Protection Trends in 2024: What to Expect and How to Prepare

Alex Tray

Ransomware attacks have become a significant concern for businesses and individuals alike, with cybercriminals constantly refining their methods to exploit vulnerabilities. The digital landscape in 2024 is expected to present new challenges, as ransomware becomes more sophisticated and widespread, impacting critical infrastructure, healthcare, financial institutions, and beyond. In this environment, it's imperative to understand emerging trends in ransomware threats and bolster your defenses accordingly.

The dark side of the DNS or the war of the port 53

François QUIQUET

DNS stands for Domain Name System. It's essentially like a directory but for the internet. When you type a website address into your browser, like "www.example.com", your computer needs to find out the IP address associated with that domain name to connect to the correct server. 

Understanding Dark Web

Dr. Shekhar Pawar

According to latest news, the US Department of Justice has arrested a 23-year-old man accused of operating the dark web drug marketplace Incognito Market. The platform sold over $100 million worth of narcotics worldwide, connecting customers with vendors and earning 5% of every sale. Investigators found that even prescription medication advertised as authentic on the site could not be trusted.

Dark Web: A Cybersecurity Perspective

Priyanka Toma

The Dark Web, is a specific part of the internet that is not indexed by traditional search engines such as google, yahoo, Bing etc. and it requires special software to access. This article explains what the Dark Web is, how to access it, what information it holds, the potential dangers, dark web directories and its role in preventing cybercrime.

How to use the deep web as a force for good: Internet 2.0, Hyperreality and net neutrality

Ahmad Albek

The deep web houses the dark web’s illegal and provocative material. This paper will attempt to use the deep web as a force for good, effectively distancing it from the dark web. This would be helpful as the resurfacing of popular interest in the deep web is always a possibility.

The Dark Alleys of the Internet

Ross Moore

What's so dangerous about dark alleys? Why all the concern? Let's start by thinking about alleys themselves. Alleys serve at least 2 purposes: they allow quicker travel for pedestrians between areas in cities (without having to walk around the entire city block to get to the other side), and they allow services (e.g., laundry, trash pickup) to be both removed from the main traffic and concealed from view.

Navigating the Data Frontier: A Comprehensive Exploration of Modern Backup Strategies

Alex Tray

In the swiftly transforming business landscape, data backup strategies for small-scale businesses and large corporations have evolved beyond conventional practices. The need for comprehensive data backup and recovery strategies is underscored by the growing complexity of data ecosystems and the potential risks they entail. Many organizations experience data loss at some point, emphasizing the urgency of efficient backup solutions.

The Role of Cryptography in Malware

Zhassulan Zhussupov

Over the past decade, the cybersecurity industry has seen a significant increase in the use of advanced cryptographic techniques in malware. Cybercriminals have gone from simple password-stealing Trojans to complex multi-stage attacks using encryption, steganography, and other cryptographic techniques.

This article explores the role of cryptography in modern malware, highlighting one of the ways attackers use to obfuscate their actions and bypass security measures (AV engines).  

Top SaaS Security Posture Management Platforms in 2024


In today's digital landscape, securing the ever-expanding use of SaaS applications is crucial. Recent events like the McDonald's global outage caused by a third-party configuration issue and the Midnight Blizzard and Cloudflare-Atlassian cyberattacks highlight the vulnerabilities inherent in relying solely on the security native to a SaaS provider.

A Dive Into The Dark Web - An Interview with Ross Moore

Ross Moore & Hakin9 Team


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