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To help you uncover Burp Suite secrets and learn more about its features, we decided to gather our best tutorials on this tool in one special bundle: Burp Suite Compendium for Hackers.

Inside you will find the following issues:

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The Power of Burp Suite

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, the articles inside have various entry level requirements, so you will definitely find something for yourself. We didn’t focus only on the community edition of Burp, there are also tutorials that present the Pro edition, or contain a comparison between two.





Burp Suite for Hackers 

Inside you will find articles that will show you have Burp Suite works in action. The tutorials are for both beginners and advanced users. Bypassing One Time Passwords (OTPs) and Two-Factor Authentications using Burp Suite, another piece for less advanced hackers. Staying in the topic of Burp Suite for beginners and intermediates, we have Introduction to Writing Burp Suite Extensions with Python and Crawling Websites Using Burp Suite. Then we drift off to pentesting in Introduction to Pentesting Web Applications With Burp Suite.




Burp Suite Compendium

We gathered all the articles we had about this tool, added new ones and prepared this compendium. Tutorials, step by step guides, and more can be found in this edition. Hamed Farid will show you how to Extend Burp with Python. Junior Carreiro wrote an article to show you how you can use Burp to perform fuzzing web applications and discover SQL Injection flaws.




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