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This is special issue devoted to EXPLOIT DEVELOPMENT. If you want to know how to write your own exploits it is MUST-HAVE position to your own library. This issue is very practical guide that will show you how to become an expert in that field. It includes ONLY practical materials based on our 4 well-known courses. Below you can see the full content of the issue.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Advanced Exploitation Techniques Workshop

Deep Diving into Buffer Overflows

Understanding Egg hunting

Walkthrough of Egg hunting with known vulnerability

Case Studies on Advanced Exploitation Techniques

What You should know Best for Advancing Your Hacking Skills

Chapter 2

Exploit Development on Linux Platform

Setting up the Linux Environment

Linux Basics and Command Line

Buffer overflows

Vulnerable Code in “C” Language

Exploiting the Vulnerable Code on Linux

Chapter 3 and Exploit Development on the Edge

Setup your own lab

Understanding Metasploit and

Reverse Engineering Remote Exploits and writing our own code

Exploring Features

Using with Debuggers to write quick exploits

Chapter 4

Exploit Development Workshop Wintel

Understanding the basic techniques

Setting up the Lab Environment

Basic Skeleton of an Exploit

Writing the Exploit for the Discovered Vulnerability

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