Blockchain Pack


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Blockchain Pack

This pack contains:

1.  Attack and Defence in Blockchain Technologies COURSE will teach you:

  • Blockchain Basics
  • Blockchain Development
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Blockchain common vulnerabilities
  • Smart Contract Vulnerabilities
  • Interacting with smart contracts and vulnerability exploitation
  • Attacking Blockchain
  • Securing your Blockchain
  • and much more! 

2. Blockchain in Cybersecurity ISSUE

In this issue we invite you to explore the world of Blockchain. The topic itself remains a mystery to many security specialists, and we hope that with this edition you will gain a little more insight, and that it will help you with your research and understanding of Blockchain.

You will have a chance to read more not only about Bitcoin or Ethereum, but also about Swarm or LoRa. We take a closer look at the implementation of Blockchain in applications, the challenges and opportunities this technology has with IoT, and so much more! This edition might not be directly focused on hacking techniques, but we wanted to offer you a different perspective on the topic that’s becoming more and more present in everyday life of cybersecurity professionals.

Thanks to this PACK you are able to purchase the magazine and the course at a lower price than a regular price of these products in stand-alone orders. Enjoy your reading! 


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