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This pack contains twelve editions that we released in 2020 year. Each magazine is dedicated to a different topic and has ten tutorials from the hacking area.

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Android Applications and Security

Articles are focused on Android system and applications. We have plenty of tutorials and interesting approaches to this topic, and as always we also have publications from different areas.

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Drone Hacking: Exploitation and Vulnerabilities

Drones are a growing threat to law enforcement and security specialists. Low-cost and easy to use, drones can carry out surveillance, capture data, or disrupt networks. Making matters worse, drones are hard to detect and defeat. Their growing popularity is proportional to the number of exploits found in UAVs by hackers. In this edition, we would like to focus on the strong and weak points of drones. What are their vulnerabilities, how to exploit them? On the other hand, you will see what steps to take to secure your UAV.

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Become a Bug Bounty Hunter [This magazine is free to download so you can check our content] 

The magazine contains 12 interviews with people that went through the process of becoming a Bug Bounty Hunter and were willing to share their experience. While reading their stories you will learn about the best and most efficient tools for finding exploits, what resources are available for beginners, whether it's worth it to become part of the community to seek support. There is plenty of other information inside, and we hope that they will help in your own journey. But that’s not all! Inside you will also find writeups on bug bounty findings. This more hands-on approach will show you how to use your skills in practice.

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Python for OSINT Tooling

Python lets you work quickly and integrate your systems effectively, and that’s why it’s very popular among hackers and security specialists. In this edition, we would like to take a closer look at this amazing programming language. But instead of showing you basics and how to start your programming journey, we will show you how to implement Python into various projects.

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Ransomware Attacks and Detection

We decided to focus on Ransomware, so you will read about various examples of ransomware attacks that happened in the past (WannaCry, for example), and how to protect your system by detecting this threat.

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Live in the Wire

Welcome to the new edition of Hakin9! It’s summertime, so we prepared something special for you this month. As you know, packet sniffing is the practice of gathering, collecting, and logging some or all packets that pass through a computer network, regardless of how the packet is addressed. There are various sniffer tools available, and many techniques to use. In this month’s edition, we decided to take a closer look at Packet Sniffing.

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Sample Content

SQL Injection Attacks

We present various tutorials and guides about SQL injection attacks. It’s one of the most common web hacking techniques that can be highly effective. While reading articles you will take a closer look at different types of SQL, such as Blind SQL, SQL Server, NoSQL, and in each article you will learn how to perform an attack.

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Best of Ethical Hacking Tools in Practice

Instead of focusing on one specific topic, we want to touch on various aspects of hacking and its tools. Therefore, the August edition has many tutorials presenting the most popular tools in action. 

As ethical hackers or penetration testers, you know how important it is to use the proper tools to perform your tasks. There are always some new or interesting tricks that you’ve never heard of or never had a chance to use.

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Cyber Threat Intelligence

We would like to take a closer look at cyber threat intelligence. Other topics are also featured, so we hope that everyone will find something for themselves.

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Brute Force techniques with MITRE ATT&CK

We wanted to come back to the topic of password security. And that’s why we prepared a few articles that will show you a slightly different approach to this area. 

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Malware Attacks

This edition is dedicated to malware attacks, and inside you will find various articles that will dive into this topic. We prepared a batch of articles, tutorials, and case studies that we hope will interest you.

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Azure and Malware Sandboxes

This year has been one of the weirdest experiences in our lives and that’s why we wanted to come back to topics we know you love. We prepared a few articles that approach known areas “Malware and Azure“ from different perspectives.

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