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This pack contains twelve editions that we released in 2019 year. Each magazine is dedicated to a different topic and has ten tutorials from the hacking area.

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Attack and Defence in Blockchain Technologies Workshop eBook

We gathered all the reading materials from the course Attack and Defence in Blockchain Technologies and prepared a stand alone ebook. While reading this workshop you will understand and gain knowledge on how attacks are being done and how to defend the blockchain technologies. You will take a closer look at Smart Contracts development, vulnerabilities and exploitation of blockchain.

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Creating a Ransomware With Python

We gathered some amazing tutorials on various topics, that will surely be of interest to you! Inside you will find articles about mobile and phishing techniques, cloud computing, and how to fight against XSS attacks. For a more offensive approach, we highly recommend reading Creating a Ransomware with Python and Undetectable Malware for Windows 10. We also have something for MacOS specialists, and those that need more expertise in PowerShell topics.

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SPACE Y DUMP: Penetration Testing Report by Chrissa Constantine [This magazine is free to download so you can check our content] 

In short, it’s a penetration report written by our instructor Chrissa Constantine, where she presented her findings in great detail. Here is a short introduction that should catch your interest:

In September 2018, Chandra Majumdar, co-founder and CTO of ElevatedPrompt Cybersecurity Solutions, approached me to investigate network traffic from DEF CON 26, which took place August 8–12, 2018. ElevatedPrompt, in partnership with Aries Security, LLC, had captured and performed a preliminary analysis of close to one Terabyte of data over three (3) days of Internet-bound traffic from the convention, and I was asked to examine the packets.  I started my investigation by reviewing DEF CON 26’s network traffic. My biggest challenge was to not get overwhelmed by such a vast quantity of data. There is no experience like seeing DEF CON traffic, where so many participants are on one network.

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Phishing Secrets: Attack & Protection

Phishing has a long history of being one of the underrated cyber attacks that can make our lives very difficult. Did you know, that the first phishing lawsuit was filed in 2004 against a Californian teenager, who created the imitation of the website “America Online”? Ever since we are constantly cautioned and warned against opening suspicious emails or messages. In this edition of Hakin9 we would like to focus on various phishing attacks, techniques, and how to defend against them.

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Open Source Android Detection Tools

What do we have in this edition? A little bit of everything. The main article Open Source Android Detection Tools will show you useful software for detecting vulnerabilities. You will learn more about Pi-Hole, that’s used for DNS setup. For Raspberry Pi fans, there is an article that is focused on automation as well. On top of that, there’s Ethereum and smart contracts, malware analysis, IoT, DDoS - so many interesting topics to read about this month!

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Blockchain in Cybersecurity

In this issue, we invite you to explore the world of Blockchain. The topic itself remains a mystery to many security specialists, and we hope that with this edition you will gain a little more insight and that it will help you with your research and understanding of Blockchain. You will have a chance to read more not only about Bitcoin or Ethereum, but also about Swarm or LoRa. We take a closer look at the implementation of Blockchain in applications, the challenges and opportunities this technology has with IoT, and so much more! This edition might not be directly focused on hacking techniques, but we wanted to offer you a different perspective on the topic that’s becoming more and more present in the everyday life of cybersecurity professionals.

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Hacking with Raspberry Pi 4

You will read about the usage of Raspberry Pi with ICS and how effective such integration can be. How can Raspberry Pi be used to secure cloud data centers? See how to install RPi4 on Linux. All this, and more, can be found in this edition. If you are not a fan of Raspberry Pi, we also have articles dedicated to Arduino and ESP8266. You will read how to create a laser system to secure your home. Furthermore, we will show you how the Arduino can be used as a teaching platform. 

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OSINT for Hackers

OSINT for hackers is, as you can guess, an edition dedicated to open-source intelligence tools and techniques.

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Web Application Attacks

We decided to focus on one of the most popular topics, Web Application Attacks. We have a few really amazing articles that will show you a completely different perspective on this area and hopefully let you understand how specific attacks are performed.

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Wireless Hacking Tools

Wireless hacking will forever remain one of the most popular topics, this time, however, we decided to take a bit different approach and focus just on the tools. Inside this issue, you will find tutorials and guides, all about tools used to crack WPA/WPA2 and their passwords. You will see articles such as how to attack wifi with Bettercap & Pwnagotchi, the (almost) immortal AirCrack-NG, cracking wireless network with Fern, Reaver in practice, Fluxion step by step, stealing wifi passwords with an Evil Twin Attack, and much more. 

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Hacking Android Smartphones with NFC Tags

In this edition, we have miscellaneous articles, each representing a different area from hacking. I hope that something will capture your attention!

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The Power of Burp Suite

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, the articles inside have various entry level requirements, so you will definitely find something for yourself. We didn’t focus only on the community edition of Burp, there are also tutorials that present the Pro edition, or contain a comparison between two.

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