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Dear Readers, 

We present a new e-book, containing workshop materials from our Advanced Offensive Computer Security Training. We're proud of how the material turned out and we would like to share them with those of you who do not participate in the course itself (we recommend you do that though). This e-book will be added to the course as a free download, for those of you who want to learn offline. All materials here were written by our wonderful instructor, Keith DeBus. You can find his course here: LINK!

There are two articles at the end of this e-book that have nothing to do with the course - treat them as a bonus, from us to you.


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The author:

KeithDeBusKeith DeBus is a former professor of computer science with over 20 years of IT experience. He is now the President of IT Securitas (, a leading IT security and pentesting firm. He has published numerous articles on cyber security, penetration testing, digital forensics and cyber warfare. DeBus has trained personnel from every branch of the U.S. military (Army, Air Force, Navy) and personnel from the NSA, CIA, FBI and NCIS in cyber warfare tactics.

DeBus is an internationally recognized expert on cyber warfare, network "hacking" and network intrusion detection systems (NIDS). Mr. DeBus holds or has held the following IT certifications; Sec+, CEH, CPT, ECSA/LPT, CHFI, CISA, CISM and CISSP

Visit the original course:

Taking part in the course will get you:

    • More material;

    • Instructor's guidance;

    • Exercises and challenges;

    • Open discussion with the instructor and other students;

    • Certificate of Completion;


Table of Contents

Offensive Computer Security, by Keith DeBus (Workshop E-Book)

      1. Getting Started with Kali

      1. BASH Basics

      1. Netcat, the All- Powerful

      1. TCP/IP and Wireshark

      1. Information Gathering Techniques

      1. Email Scrapping

      1. Shodan

      1. Netcraft

      1. Information Gathering using DNS

      1. Information Gathering from SMTP

      1. Information Gathering in Maltego

      1. Port Scanning with nmap

      1. Evading Firewalls and IDS

      1. Nmap Scripting Engine (NSE)

      1. Port Scanning with Hping3

      1. Operating System (OS) Fingerprinting

      1. Port Scanning with Unicornscan

      1. ARPspoofing and MiTM

      1. MiTM with Ettercap

      1. DNS Spoofing with dnspoof

      1. Using MiTM with driftnet to View the Target’s Images

      1. Using a MiTM attack to Spy on the Target

      1. Using Ettercap to Alter Messages/Packets

      1. MiTM attacks, Hijacking Software Updates

      1. Buffer Overflow Exploitation - Introduction

      1. Buffer Overflow Exploitation - In practice

      1. Buffer Overflow Exploitation, Fuzzing

      1. Exploit Development: Fuzzing with Spike

      1. Working ith Exploits

      1. Working with Exploits: Using Exploit-DB to find Exploits


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