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While studying this course you would be learning how to discover vulnerabilities and write a working exploit. You will also learn about egg hunters; how they work and why we need them. You will also gain knowledge on types of shellcode and what they are designed for. At the minimum, you will learn a handful of skills and techniques to start your career into security research where you can work to discover vulnerabilities in Windows based applications working on TCP/IP. The best part of the course is that you will learn step-by-step techniques to perform vulnerability research and then start coding a working exploit for the discovered vulnerability.

This e-book contains text materials from the course.


Module 1

Deep diving into Buffer Overflows 

● Tutorial 1 – Hello World, let’s fuzzing

● Exercise 1 – Hacking FTP Server

● Exercise 2 – Coding working exploit

Module 2

Understanding Egg Hunting

● Tutorial 1 – Hello World, let’s hunting with Eggs!

● Tutorial 2 – Implementing Egg hunters

● Exercise 1 – & Egg hunters

Module 3

Walkthrough of Egg hunting with known Vulnerability

● Tutorial 1 – Boiling the egg

● Exercise 1 – Mixing Egg hunter

Module 4

Case Studies on Advanced Exploiting Techniques

● Tutorial 1 – Hello World, some history

● Case Study – PCManFTPD

● Case Study – Meterpreter & PCManFTPD Vulnerability

● Case Study - Exploit Development & Metasploit

● Exercise 1 – Find the rabbit’s foot

Module 5

What you should know best to Advance your Hacking Skills

● Tutorial 1 – Required Infrastructure

● Summary

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