PRESS RELEASE: The 9th international RISK 2014 conference


The 9th international RISK 2014 conference ended with the spirit of charity and hope in the air.
Laško, Slovenia (10th of March 2014) – an international conference on information security and business productivity RISK 2014 ended with a … bang? No, of course not with a bang, it concluded very pleasantly with a charity auction in the spirit of hope and humanity, the profits of which were awarded to the Red Noses Society.


The non-profit society of doctors and medical professionals brings laughter and hope to the children, who are in a hospital care, and REAL security, the conference organizer, has been their supporter for years., has become a traditional annual event in the region, this was the 9th in a row of conferences on information security, business continuity and new technologies. In the past held in Maribor, this year it moved to a more central location in Slovenia, for the first time in the congress center of hotel Thermana in Laško, a town known far and wide for its spa facilities. The conference was attended by a record breaking number of people – more than 600 came in both days.


The opening artistic act was performed by “SERPENTES Magical Theatre”, followed by short introduction speeches of Mr. Renato Uhl, CEO, and Mr. David Ivačič, Sales Director of REAL security. They introduced the new event format and talked about the meaning of trust as a basis for long-term cooperation.

Following them was first presentation by Mr. Robert Zelazo of FireEye, current leader in automated threat forensics and dynamic malware protection against advanced cyber threats.


Technical conferences are all about whizz and bang and key researchers and advanced technologies, but this time a lot of consideration was given to trust, privacy, and humanity. Charity and humanity were interwoven in the core of the conference, during which the attendees were given a chance to earn conference money – “RiSKOS” through different activities. The amount earned by everybody converted to 1.350,00 EUR and was presented to the Red Noses Society Vice-President Mr. Dejan Crnek at the closing ceremony. He expressed their sincere and deep gratitude and appreciation to the visitors, sponsors and organizers of the event.


Changes brought by cloud computing were an important topic, also related risks, new wireless technologies and business productivity tools. There was, an interactive speech live from London, the star of which was Mr. Jarno Limnell, doctor of military sciences and director of Cyber Security at Intel-McAfee; he talked about wider implications, possibilities and probabilities of cyber war especially in relation to current situation in Ukraine.

Main event sponsors were HP, Sourcefire, BackBox, Citrix, Intel-McAfee, FireEye and Websense. A diverse group of other foreign partners and of course slovenian partners and presenters were also attending, such as ADD, S&T, Printec, Astec and Softnet. The two major domestic sponsors were car dealer Selmar and Pivovarna Laško, the later is a brewery, and part of the event was an educational trip through their facilities; they also provided drinks for an evening party.
At evening event awards for best IT achievements in the region were given out by event organizers. A few of them went to Slovenian representatives, such as ‘For the most impactful project in 2013’, which was given to Post of Slovenia and it’s representative Mrs. Darja Murkovič Žigart.

David Ivačič, director of Sales, REAL security d.o.o. noted: »RiSK 2014 was our largest event ever, with the greatest number of visitors, in all nine years of its existence. Both visitors and presenters fancied the new conference location and the overall concept. We are very satisfied with how it all took place, the number of visitors, variety and quality of presenters, and actually everything else regarding this event. It was fantastic! I must give our special thanks to congress center of Hotel Thermana here in Laško, it was a great pleasure working with them, the location is unique and perfect and we will be back next year.«



Some comments

1. »RISK conference has provided a solid event platform to meet with key IT Security executives from some of our key customers and the opportunity to engage with prospects. The management, promotion and staging of this event have always been executed to a high standard and it plays and important role in building our business relationships with our resellers and end user customers across the Adriatic region.«

Mirko Schneider of HP Enterprise Security.

2. »Backbox attended RISK for the first time, and found it to be very meaningful. There was an array of IT professionals with a most interesting agenda. Certainly, Backbox, received several accolades because of its uniqueness. It enables security and network operations team to fully automate and schedule device configuration backups. It eliminates the need to write scripts, manually backup devices or use multiple management system in order to enable quick disaster recovery for all Security and network devices. Supporting all the major security and networking vendors, BackBox is the ONLY solution that enables configuration backups for all security and network devices in the network.
In summary, RISK was amazing - down to the last detail!
We look forward to good business, and participation in 2015!!«

Larry Waller of BackBox

3. »Attackers are continuously evolving their tactics to compromise an organization’s IT system. According to recent research by Mandiant (FireEye company), it takes organization 243 days to discover that they have been compromised. Attend such conferences as RISK is very important to understand today's threat landscape, why traditional security technologies are unable to address these new threats, and the damage being caused by advanced techniques.«

Robert Zelazo of FireEye

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March 20, 2014
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