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Pingit P2P mobile cash payment app security

Pingit allows users in the UK to send payments from one mobile to another in the UK – it’s a kind of P2P application. The Pingit app is of course free to download to any smartphone such as a BlackBerry, Android or iPhone. Note to my readers – Some in the media claim this payment method is revolutionary – PayPal have also had this type of payment service for some time – it uses email addresses or mobile numbers to send and receive money.

How does the Pingit app work?

The Pingit app works by setting up a direct link between a customer’s mobile phone number and their bank current account details. Once you have downloaded the app and setup the five-digit app passcode, you can then make a payment to a recipients mobile number (the recipient will need to download the app to receive the payment). Authentication is required to send a payment, so Pingit will require your Barclays debit card and the PINSentry tool. Sorry non-Barclays customers.

Note: To use Pingit, payments must range between £1 and £300 and the maximum anyone can receive in any one day is £5,000. This for me is where some of the issues currently reside (see below). Read more…

February 22, 2012

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