"Learning should always go hand-in-hand with doing" - interview with Philipp Sieber, the creator of Hacky Easter!

Mar 22, 2016

Hello folks!

I hope that you had a chance to participate in an amazing competition that is Hacky Easter! If not, that you totally should visit their websiteIf you want to know more about Hacky Easter than meet Philipp Sieber, the creator of entire event! He told us where this idea come from and how the challenges are made. You will learn about Hacky community and group challenges! 

Join Hacky Easter competition and become the greatest hacker of all time!

[Hakin9 Magazine]: Hello Philipp! Thank you for agreeing to the interview! How have you been doing? Can you tell us something about yourself?

[Philipp Sieber]: I've been busy the last couple of days – launching Hacky Easter is always a big thing!

I've been a software and security engineer for more than 16 years, responsible for designing and implementing online banking solutions. Half a year ago, I changed my job. I'm a "programming CEO" now, in a Swiss IT security company named "Compass Security Cyber Defense AG". Besides many other tasks, I am responsible for the Hacking-Lab platform.

[H9]: What is a Hacking Lab? Can you tell us more about it?

[PS]: Hacking-Lab is our online platform for IT security training. It is a place where hacking can be legally trained. Many companies, universities and public users are using it. It went....

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8 years ago

Great job PS! :=) I have a lot of fun every year!

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