Phantom - A multi-platform HTTP(S) Reverse Shell Server and Client


Phantom is a multi-platform HTTP(S) Reverse Shell server and client in Python 3. Binaries for Linux and Windows platforms can be built through an embedded script that executes PyInstaller. Reverse shells can be established through HTTP or HTTPS. The certificates used for HTTPS can be auto-generated by Phantom or supplied by the user. Phantom includes a helper shell script that enables the fast generation of self-signed certificates for use of both servers and clients. After generation, the server and certificate authority certificates required for encrypted connections are bundled in the binaries for portability and ease of execution. Demo  Try it out! Simply head over to the dist directory and download the pre-built Linux/Unix or Windows binaries. The HTTP client files are set to connect to https://localhost:8080, whereas the HTTPS client bundles a CA certificate file for https://localhost:4443 and will only connect to this socket. With that in mind, choose either....

January 13, 2022
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