Pentester liability & constraints [FREE COURSE VIDEO]


In this video from our Web Application Penetration Test Reporting online course by Chrissa Constantine, you'll learn about the pentester liability, risk, and responsibility associated with working as a professional in the field. Pentester liability is especially important when you're signing a contract for a pentesting engagement, it's worth educating yourself about it! 

Penetration Testing deliverables include a final report showing services provided, methodology, findings, and recommendations to remediate or correct issues discovered during the test. This course will show you how to use tools in Kali to help with reporting and to learn about methodologies. A penetration testing methodology is required to conduct the pen test in a consistent and standardized way for repeatable results.

One of the main questions a client will ask a pentester is what methodology is used for testing their assets. It is important to learn this to help clients understand how testing is conducted and to provide them with a deliverable that supports the findings. It is important to understand the basics of reporting prior to starting a pentest because findings need to be conveyed to a client in a way they can understand and then correct the issues.

By the end of the course, you will have materials that can be used on pen testing engagements. This includes a report template, reading materials for reference, and an understanding of various methodologies and ways to fit a methodology to a client’s requirement for a pentest.

Why this course? 

This course will guide you step by step to ensure you not only understand the process of writing a report, but also the structure and methodology that is behind it. In easy to follow, structured modules, you will see what goes into creating an excellent report, starting when you first engage your client and ending when you hand in the effects of your hard work. The workshop will show you how to seamlessly integrate automated reporting tools as well, so that you are able to streamline your work without compromising the quality of your report. During this course you will be able to practice all those skills and apply them confidently in your pentesting engagements. 

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April 26, 2022
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