Penetration Testing with Exploit Pack |Meet-up with Juan Sacco - Webinar Recording!


We present you the recording of our webinar with  Juan Sacco, the creator of Exploit Pack,  that took place on January 30th. 

During the webinar the participants had a chance to meet Juan Sacco and watch his presentation on penetration testing with Exploit Pack. 

Let us know how you liked the recording and if you would like to see more.



Juan has done a course on how to use Exploit pack on our website, you can find it here: Exploit Pack Training

Remember, if you finish the course successfully, you get a free version of Professional Pack from Juan!


Juan Sacco: 

Juan-SaccoAuthor of the Exploit Pack.

Exploit Writer and Reverse Engineer, worked at Core Security, NOD32, Homeland Security (ARG) and others security related organizations.



About Exploit Pack:

logodesignExploit Pack uses an advanced software-defined interface that supports rapid reconfiguration to adapt exploit codes to the constantly evolving threat environment. Our technologies allow you to rapidly tests and defend against hostile remote targets.

The mission of Exploit Pack is to process and exploit security issues, gain access and report incidents in a technical report to help defend against hostile systems.


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