Penetration Testing Introduction: Scanning & Reconnaissance by Nicholas Handy


Learning Goals What pen testing is and how it is used Penetration testing methodology Penetration testing environment — kali linux & virtual machine tools Information gathering — scanning & reconnaissance Information gathering tools — nmap, wireshark, google dorking etc.   Reminder: Attacking systems you do not have permission to attack is illegal. Only perform attacks on machines and networks you own or have permission for. Current State Cybersecurity Over the past year or so hacking has gained mainstream attention from some high profile attacks. Theses attacks such as the Equifax data breach, Wanna Cry ransomware and many others have cost companies millions of dollars. With so much attention placed on data breaches, questions have been brewing of how safe user data is with each company. As long as these attacks keep happening companies will have to place more and more emphasis on their security procedures. Within cybersecurity penetration testing (pen testing) is one of the ways....

January 25, 2019
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Tammie Houston
Tammie Houston
4 years ago

Wow, I didn’t know that cybersecurity uses a different testing methodology like pen-testing, scanning, and reconnaissance. I love that you mentioned in your article that it is a must for every company to test their security through different software and infrastructure. I’m thinking if my sister already knows about it or if she’s already applying it in her small business, I’ll be sure to check it up with her. Cheers!

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