Password spraying attacks [FREE COURSE CONTENT]


In this video from our Password Cracking course by Atul Tiwari, we will get acquainted with a nice technique - password spraying. If you would like to find out what they are and make your pentest even better, jump in!

When every attack type fails, when you don’t find any exploits, bugs, vulnerabilities, etc., password cracking comes into play. Meaning that, password cracking is the last phase when you want to attack, as this doesn’t depend on any bugs, vulnerabilities, exploits to be present in the target system, web, accounts, etc. Once you try password cracking attacks, your chances of success are 99%, depending on the target. This course brings to you the more sophisticated attacks using password cracking methods in the wild using several techniques, methods from basic understanding to advanced attacks. This course covers almost every attack type of password cracking that you will not find anywhere else, making it unique to password cracking.

What skills will you gain? 

  • Using many tools to cracking passwords
  • Scenario-based attacking methods
  • How passwords are stored in the systems
  • Analytical thinking of password cracking
  • Valuable sources of passwords lists
  • Making your own dictionary files for attacks
  • Using advanced techinques, like password spraying

Who is this course for? 

  • Ethical hackers
  • Security enthusiasts
  • System admins
  • Penetration testers
  • Cyber security experts
  • Web application security experts
  • Developers (to know the tactics)

Why take it NOW?

Courses on the topic of password cracking are very few in the market. People often underestimate the power of password cracking but in reality, it is the most reliable way of attacking the target with huge success.

Why take THIS course? 

This course covers password cracking techniques, tools, methods, and a complete set of cracking passwords that are lesser-known and give you hands-on experience in password cracking.

What tools will you use? 

JTR - John the ripper, Hydra GUI and CLI, Medusa, AirCrack-ng, Cain & Abel, Mimikatz, Cewl, Crunch, Hashcat, Ncrack, Burp Suite, Brutus, Chntpw, Ophcrack, Samdump2, Onesixtyone

August 10, 2021
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