Open Letter to Our Readers!


Hakin9 in 2012. Accomplishments and statistics.

Dear Hakin9 Readers,

 2012 is nearly over. As usual, we have prepared something extraordinary for you. Some of you are new to our magazine and some are with us for months, even years. The end of the world approaches rapidly, so we decided that in exchange for your unmeasurable support, you deserve to know the best kept secret of the globe - how Hakin9 works. Let us tell you our story which should give you an insight into what we have been through this year.

 As for the first order of business, we shall discuss the statistics. This should help you visualize our work at the magazine and understand the process we have to undergo in order to meet your expectations.

 Run forest, run!

This year, we have published total of 49 Hakin9 issues – 3442 pages.

Although most of you are familiar with mathematics, I suppose you may not imagine the extent of what we are dealing with here. Let us portray it to you. 3442 pages equals 204,73 m2 of paper - this means that our articles could cover the floors of a large house. Can you imagine tripping over your child's toys and accidentally discovering the way to hack your BIOS password? Or fainting and waking up to learn how to solve the „attribution problem?” In such a situation, the popular proverb „you learn something new everyday” takes on a completely new meaning.

Let us weigh in on an another measure. All the issues we published in 2012 put on the scale would show 137,12 pounds (51,18 kilos) - this is how heavy (or light) would your average girlfriend be. Have you ever thought of what would be the best thing in the world? We believe that a partner made of your passion would have significant chances in winning such a contest.

Although, we are sorry, but we have to shatter your dreams – Hakin9 nowadays is released only digitally. Unfortunately, you will have to find a real girlfriend :-) . Nevertheless, we consider that fact our advantage. Even though you will not be able to wear Hakin9 on your soles, you can put your finger on it – on your smartphone or Kindle. This way, you can kill the time in long lines, during a layover at the airport, or in the mall while your wife is shopping for new shoes, at the same time learning many useful things.

Moreover, the path we chose helps to restore the environment. Throughout the year, our subscribers base escalated 10 times - from slightly over 200 to 2000 readers. If all these pages were to be published in print, we would have to use almost 500 trees, which equals over 27 600 ft2. Thanks to you, we have saved an impressive park!

Although we also miss the paper version of Hakin9, we have to greatly thank you for your interest in our digital magazines. You have helped to make the world a better place. We have to cherish it for it is the only one we have at the moment. You deserve a loud round of applause for not being discouraged. The forests are a bit safer now thanks to you.

Power in numbers

As you are well aware, we are the number 1 IT security publication in the world. But to achieve such a status, it takes much more than this dignified single digit.

This year, in order to give you the materials you had a chance to read, we were working over 250 days, which equals more than 2000 hours for each employee. These few pages you go through in a couple of hours on a monthly basis, have cost our experts almost a 1000 weeks to prepare. Our beta testers and proofreaders have spent a similar amount of time making sure that you will enjoy your reading. Finally, our graphic devoted 3000 hours designing the layout to appeal to your eyes. As you can see, a great amount of our lives was sacrificed to satisfying your needs.

During our fight for your right to hack better, we have also suffered losses. As you may guess, our main weapon is the computer. Just like in every war, the equipment is exploited heavily and put through extreme situations. You may be sure that we have pushed our PCs to their absolute limits. We have overheated our processors, filled the hard drives, overused internet connection transfers, etc. Most of our inventory have survived, although we cannot deny there were casualties – 10 computer mice have passed away during the harsh battles for knowledge. Let them rest in peace. Finally, our battle cry - „HACKING,” has been used over 5 million times. Some of us (including one of the authors of this article) suffered severe throat damages due to that fact.

Where would we be...

...if it wasn't for you? Probably we would grow beards and stand in long cues for our welfare check. Or maybe in the psychiatrists' offices whining on how we are useless. As long as we have our precious readers, we have a purpose. We owe you a huge THANK YOU. Everything we do, we do with you in our minds. We are grateful for every comment and opinion, either positive or negative. We have analyzed every sign of your discontent and every time we were even more motivated to increase the quality of our product. Every word from you lets us improve Hakin9 and brings us closer to the ideal shape of our magazine, or shall we say – your magazine. Thank you Hakin9 fans for your invaluable support and contribution. We owe you one.

Hakin9 Team

December 6, 2012
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