OnionSearch - a Python3 script that scrapes urls on different ".onion" search engines.


Educational purposes only OnionSearch is a Python3 script that scrapes urls on different ".onion" search engines. Prerequisite Python 3  Currently supported Search engines ahmia darksearchio onionland notevil darksearchenginer phobos onionsearchserver torgle onionsearchengine tordex tor66 tormax haystack multivac evosearch deeplink  Installation With PyPI pip3 install onionsearch With Github git clone https://github.com/megadose/OnionSearch.git cd OnionSearch/ python3 setup.py install  Usage Help: usage: onionsearch [-h] [--proxy PROXY] [--output OUTPUT] [--continuous_write CONTINUOUS_WRITE] [--limit LIMIT] [--engines [ENGINES [ENGINES ...]]] [--exclude [EXCLUDE [EXCLUDE ...]]] [--fields [FIELDS [FIELDS ...]]] [--field_delimiter FIELD_DELIMITER] [--mp_units MP_UNITS] search positional arguments: search The search string or phrase optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit --proxy PROXY Set Tor proxy (default: --output OUTPUT Output File (default: output_$SEARCH_$DATE.txt), where $SEARCH is replaced by the first chars of the search string and $DATE is replaced by the datetime --continuous_write CONTINUOUS_WRITE Write progressively to output file (default: False) --limit LIMIT Set a max number....

April 9, 2021
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