Mozilla developing privacy based B2G mobile project


Mozilla (the developers behind the Firefox browser) are in early stage development of an open source mobile and tablet operating system called Boot to Gecko (B2G). The key differentiator of this mobile OS is that they are marketing this around a privacy permissions model rather than attempting to compete directly with Android, iOS or WP7/8. At its very core B2G is a Linux-based mobile OS aiming to architecturally integrate tougher privacy standards for mobile web browsing. The banks and AV vendors might just be interested in this open source core architecture, so I’ll be watching this development with interest. So, what are Mozilla looking to do with B2G?  Mozilla is betting on mobile Do Not Track (DNT) as the core feature of B2G – that’s what. It will be used to broadcast your DNT preferences.

You will be able to set DNT preferences from the settings menu and your device (Android 2.3 upwards users will be an obvious target) will then broadcast your default settings to every app you open. The aim of this is to maintain your online privacy and deter apps from harvesting your device sensitive personal data. Read more...

March 30, 2012
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