Mobile Application Security Report 2015, by AppSecLabs' James Greenberg


Do you want to know how deep the rabbit whole goes? In this extensive report you will find vital information regarding mobile app security such as: Just how vulnerable is your average mobile application? What are the most common vulnerabilities for mobile applications? What are the most dangerous vulnerabilities for mobile applications? Android VS. iOS What can we do to improve mobile app security? Did you know: 38% of vulnerabilities exposed in mobile applications are of critical or high severity? Personal / Sensitive information leakage and Authentication and Authorization consist 50% of all vulnerabilities exposed? The statistics gathered at AppSec Labs clearly show that iOS applications are no safer on the application level than their Android equivalents? Read the complete report here and learn more! ->>

August 5, 2015
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Israel (Sro)
8 years ago

That’s right.

There is no other way then perform security testing for the apps.

As a user, you can install an Anti Virus.
Install only applications from the PlayStore.
Insert sensitive data only into applications of known providers and hope that they do security periodically.

8 years ago

Really worrying. The AppSecLab articles reflect the present moment, how to know if the applications have security holes?

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