Metabigor - Intelligence tool but without API key


What is Metabigor? Metabigor is Intelligence tool, its goal is to do OSINT tasks and more but without any API key. Installation go get -u Main features Discover IP Address of the target. Wrapper for running masscan and nmap on IP target. Do searching from command line on some search engine. Demo Example Commands # discovery IP of a company/organization echo "company" | metabigor net --org -o /tmp/result.txt # discovery IP of an ASN echo "ASN1111" | metabigor net --asn -o /tmp/result.txt cat list_of_ASNs | metabigor net --asn -o /tmp/result.txt # running masscan on port 443 for a subnet echo "" | metabigor scan -p 443 -o /tmp/result.txt # running masscan on all port and nmap on open port cat list_of_IPs | metabigor scan --detail -o /tmp/result.txt # search result on fofa echo 'title="RabbitMQ Management"' | metabigor search -x -v -o /tmp/result.txt Credits Logo from flaticon by freepik Disclaimer....

February 26, 2020
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