When you’re this size, CEO really stands for “Chief Everything Officer" - interview with Kris Rides CEO and Co-Founder of Tiro Security

Nov 9, 2015

 Hi Folks!

We have another great interview for you! Our blog is getting better and better every day, we hope you agree!

Today we would like to introduce Kris Rides CEO and Co-Founder of Tiro Security. We talked about some very important issues concerning recruitment in the cybersecurity field. Kris told us about challenges in providing staffing and professional services to clients and we discussed what kind of qualifications should a good IT security specialists possess. Enjoy!


[Hakin9 Magazine]: Can you tell our readers a little about your company? What do you do?

photo[Kris Rides]: We are a cybersecurity company that provides staffing and professional services to clients. We launched in 2012 and are based in the lovely Silicon Beach in West Los Angeles.

[H9]: What was the reason behind creating Tiro Security?

[KR]: I had spent 14 years in tech staffing all for the same company and was itching to start something of my own. Meanwhile, one of my best friends, Rob Pope, was having his second cybersecurity business acquired. We got talking about demand in that area and where....

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