KILLSHOT - A penetration testing framework, information gathering tool & vulnerability scanner


Killshot is a penetration testing framework, information gathering tool & website vulnerability scanner. You can use this tool to spider your website and get important information and gather information automatically using whatweb-host-traceroute-dig-fierce-wafw00f or to identify the cms and to find the vulnerability in your website using Cms Exploit Scanner & WebApp Vulnerability Scanner. Also, you can use killshot to scan automatically multiple type of scan with nmap and unicorn. With this tool you can generate PHP simple backdoors, upload it manual and connect to the target using killshot.

This tool is bearing a simple ruby fuzzer tested on VULSERV.exe and Linux log clear script. To change the content of login paths Spider can help you to find parameter of the site and scan XSS and SQL.

Help option

Use Shodan by targ option

Create an account here: Register and get your AIP: Shodan AIP 

Add your shodan AIP to aip.txt < only your aip should be show in the aip.txt >. Use targ to search about vulnerable targets in shodan databases:

Use targ to scan Ip of servers fast with shodan:

Menu Site:

{0} Spider 
{1} Web technologie 
{2} WebApp Vul Scanner
{3} Port Scanner
{4} CMS Scanner
{5} Fuzzers 
{6} Cms Exploit Scanner
{7} Backdoor Generation
{8} Linux Log Clear

WebApp Vulnerable Scanner:

{1} Xss scanner
{2} Sql Scanner
{3} Tomcat RCE

Port Scanner:

 [0] Nmap Scan
 [1] Unicorn Scan
Nmap Scan 
 [2] Nmap Os Scan 
 [3] Nmap TCP Scan
 [4] Nmap UDB Scan 
 [5] Nmap All scan
 [6] Nmap Http Option Scan 
 [7] Nmap Live target In Network
Unicorn Scan
[8] Services OS 
[9] TCP SYN Scan on a whole network 
[01] UDP scan on the whole network

Backdoor Generation:

 {1} Generate Shell
 {2} Connect Shell


1 ----- Help Command 
[help] show this MESSAGE
[exit] show this MESSAGE
2 ------ Site command 
Put your target
without the http

Linux Setup:

git clone
cd killshot
ruby setup.rb (if setup show any error just try to install the gems/tool manual )
ruby killshot.rb

Windows Setup:

Download ruby for windows ==>
Download Cmder here       ==>
Download Curl For 64/32   ==>
Download nmap             ==>      
Enjoy !

LAST_Update v 1.5:

 [+] Fix setup error 
 [+] Fix sql injection detect error
 [+] Add Typo3 Scanner (+brute force) 
 [+] Detect Of the MX and NS

Easy and fast use of killshot:

Use killshot to detect and scan cms vulnerability (Joomla && WordPress). And scan for XSS and SQL:

Please anyone who find any error/bugs in any code contact me, also if you want to add some codes or to upgrade some codes in killshot drop me a message as well.


Vulnerabilities are taken from:


More at:

February 21, 2020


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