Is Multi-Factor Authentication Enough to Protect Remote Workers? by Anas Chbib


As organizations rely more and more on remote workers, one of their primary focuses has to be security. The days of secure air-gapped networks are long gone, and a large number of employees are now expected to be able to work from anywhere. This means that the number of vulnerabilities that must be addressed has increased. While there is no one magic solution, there are things that can be done to make remote workers more secure. MFA is short for multi-factor authentication, and it is an extra layer of security that is used to confirm a user's identity. By requiring more than just a password, MFA makes it harder for hackers to break into online accounts. It's simply a combination of two or more authentication methods, like something you know (such as a password) and something you have (such as your phone). One of the most popular ways to implement....

June 17, 2021
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