Is DNS The Weak Link In Your Cybersecurity Strategy? by Matthew Davis


According to a warning from the Department of Homeland Security, a large number of DNS hijacking attacks have targeted government agencies and infrastructure providers in recent weeks. DNS is one of the most important and yet least thought about components of the internet. The Domain Name System is a hierarchical directory that maps domain names to IP addresses, allowing us to use friendly web addresses like Domain names are for the benefit of human users. The internet’s routers and switches use IP addresses to route traffic around the web. Every site and app on the web relies on DNS, which makes it a juicy target for online criminals. If they can hijack a domain’s DNS, they can redirect traffic to a server under their control. Once the attackers have control over the domain, they can intercept sensitive data sent to a business’s servers, including passwords and emails. Even worse,....

August 28, 2019
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