Installing Kali on Raspberry Pi [FREE COURSE VIDEO]


In this free video from our Penetration Testing with Raspberry Pi you will learn how to install the popular pentesting Linux distro on RPi. Your instructor will show you this in a step-by-step tutorial - installing Kali on Raspberry Pi does not have to be complicated, just take a look! 

Hardware has become more and more popular in the security sector. Hardware devices are released in order to make our work easier, faster, and many times cheaper. For that reason in this course we examine how we can use Raspberry Pi and other security related hardware to perform attacks and pentest our clients, be able to defend ourselves from these attacks, and even use hardware to create defending processes and strategies.

What skills will you gain? 

  • Hardware manipulation
  • Installing Kali on Raspberry Pi
  • Raspberry Pi as a network security device (Firewall and IDS system installation with Arch Linux) for IoT
  • Hardware manipulation for network and appliance security
  • Penetration testing and security auditing using hardware
    • HID attacks using Arduino and custom hardware
    • WiFi Deauthing using NodeMCU
    • Keylogger attacks with Arduino based devices

Example attacks that will be demonstrated: 

  • HID attacks
  • payload run with Metasploit
  • Password attacks
  • Wifi Deauthing
  • keylogger attacks
  • Psychson
  • BadUSB

What will you learn about? 

  • How Raspberry Pi can be useful to penetration testers
  • What kinds of attacks can be performed with Raspberry Pi and other MCBs
  • What open source software works well when setting up Raspberry Pi for security
  • How to protect against hardware attacks done with Raspberry Pi

Example tools that will be used:

  • Metasploit
  • John the Ripper Jumbo
  • NagiosPi
  • NodeMCU
  • Arch Linux Distro
  • Snort
  • NextCloud
  • ParrotOS
  • DVWA

Course prerequisites: 

  • Programming Basics
    • Basic scripting language knowledge (Python, Javascript or bash scripting)
    • Pseudocode knowledge in order to understand code snippets that you will be supplied with
  • Linux Bash usage basics

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April 26, 2022
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