IceBox - Virtual Machine Introspection, Tracing & Debugging


Icebox is a Virtual Machine Introspection solution that enable you to stealthily trace and debug any process (kernel or user). It's based on project Winbagility.

Files which might be helpful:


Project Organisation

  • fdp: Fast Debugging Protocol sources
  • icebox: Icebox sources
    • icebox: Icebox lib (core, os helpers, plugins...)
    • icebox_cmd: Program that test several features
    • samples: Bunch of examples
  • winbagility: stub to connect WinDBG to FDP
  • virtualbox: VirtualBox sources patched for FDP.

Getting Started

Some sample have been written in samples folder.

You can build them with these instructions after you installed the requirements.

If your using a Windows guest you might want to set the environment variable _NT_SYMBOL_PATH to a folder that contains your guest's pdb. Please note that icebox setup will fail if it does not find your guest's kernel's pdb.

vm_resume just pause then resume your VM.

cd icebox/bin/$ARCH/
./vm_resume <vm_name>

nt_writefile breaks when a process calls ntdll!NtWriteFile, and dumps what's written in a file on your host in the current directory.

cd icebox/bin/$ARCH/
./nt_writefile <vm_name> <process_name>

heapsan breaks ntdll memory allocations from a process and add padding before & after every pointer. It is still incomplete and doesn't do any checks yet.

cd icebox/bin/$ARCH/
./heapsan <vm_name> <process_name>

wireshark breaks when ndis driver reads or sends network packets and creates a wireshark trace (.pcapng). Each packet sent is associated to a callstack from kernel land to userland if necessary.

cd icebox/bin/$ARCH/
./wireshark <name> <path_to_capture_file> 

More at: 

March 16, 2020


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