I hacked MiBand 3, and here is how I did it. Part I by Yogesh Ojha


I recently started getting excited about IOT Security and making devices behave differently than what they were normally expected to do. And to do this, I needed a device. I was wondering which device should I purchase in order to hack! I then decided to buy this MiBand 3. MiBand 3   As soon as I got my MiBand 3, I was excited to hack this. This is going to be a detailed write-up on How I hacked MiBand 3 so that I could control it from Linux and send some unexpected phone call notification , sms notification on MiBand 3 and also changing the date and time. Let’s begin. But before that: My Aim? I wanted to send surprising notifications and gather data from Mi-band even though if I am not the owner of the device. As I knew that Mi-band connects to your phone/Fitness App via Bluetooth, I started....

March 22, 2019
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Sky faith
7 months ago

I appreciate you getting this done to me so quickly. Thanks for your help.
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3 years ago

Awesome… Keep going

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