How to use the deep web as a force for good: Internet 2.0, Hyperreality and net neutrality

May 23, 2024


The deep web houses the dark web’s illegal and provocative material. This paper will attempt to use the deep web as a force for good, effectively distancing it from the dark web. This would be helpful as the resurfacing of popular interest in the deep web is always a possibility.

Report it

If you see something negative, report it. Many activities on the deep web depict not only deviant behavior but illegal behavior as well. The ones responsible for uploading the content could be liable to penalization; the ones that acted in the illegal behavior would definitely be liable to penalization. It is best to contact the FBI for these issues; your local force might also help if the criminal or owner of the website resides locally. This is important to do in order to clean the deep web of deviancy. The deep web is a honeypot to attract deviants so as to mark said deviants and then later list or pursue them. As such, both the criminals on the deep web and law enforcement would rather not deal with each other to begin with. The digital meeting point of both criminals and authorities is the deep web. This concern becomes greater when we observe how the clearnet has become more deviant over the years, meaning that more people will become even worse off and flock to the deep web where terrorist organizations and abuse are found. All this together means that the....

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