How to Spy on Android Phones – A Quick Hack


Sometimes, it can become necessary to spy on employees because of security concerns from an employer’s perspective to maintain productivity and self-control at work. However, finding ways to get inside the target person’s cell phone seems like an impossible task if you don’t know which app to use. There is an easy way around this problem and that is, using sophisticated apps, especially designed to allow access into the target cell phone, without letting the target person feel that something is up.

There is a lot of information about using spy apps for iOS devices, but what can you do to spy on Android phone? Here’s a stepwise illustration of what you need to do.

Step #1: Find the Right App to Spy on Android Phones

picture_74149To find the app that works right for you, know what you need. Do you want an app that allows you to monitor calls? Do you prefer one that can monitor and record calls? Do you want something more robust, which can monitor all the activities on the target’s android device, including GPS location and frequently visited places?

What’s your budget for such an app? Do you want to invest in different apps to get access to the target’s android phone? Would you rather invest in just one app that can offer multiple features? If you are looking for something that is affordable, offers multiple features, and that offers value for your money, you will love apps like xnspy. Make sure you read reviews about any tracking or monitoring app before you buy!

Step #2: Download and Install the app

Once you’ve chosen the app, download it on the target device. For that, you will need to register and obtain an activation key. As soon as you install the app and activate it, you will get access to the control panel. This is where; you can see all the activities that happen on the target’s cell phone. Keep in mind that you can only monitor the cell phone. You cannot meddle with the content or texts.

Step #3: Start Monitoring

From the control panel of the tracking app, you can keep an eye on various features. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Monitor Text Messages and iMessage conversations – Whenever the target person sends or receives a text and iMessage, you can check it up from the control panel. This allows you to know what’s happening in the target’s life to make sure he or she is safe from any harm.

  • Monitor Contact list – If you have concerns about people the target person communicates with, you can use such apps to spy on Android phones. The ‘Watchlist Contacts’ feature sends a notification to your cell phone whenever the watch listed person contacts the target’s cell phone.Android-Phone-Spying

  • Monitor Photos – Such apps also allow you to monitor the photos on the target android device. If you have suspicions about the target stealing sensitive photos from your workplace, this feature can be very useful to clear your doubts. If the suspect is guilty, you can take action accordingly.

  • Monitor Social Media (Instagram and Facebook messenger) – Businesses that use social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook messenger can benefit from this feature. By monitoring these activities, employers can make sure the employees maintain decent behavior and follow proper marketing strategies.

  • Monitor Calls and record calls – This feature is a remarkable achievement because it allows you to listen to calls that the target person makes. If necessary, you can also remotely command the android phone to record the call. Employers often like this feature in apps similar to XNSPY because sometimes they personally need to hear what customers have to say. In fact, parents who want to catch their lying teenager while engaging in wrong activities can use this feature for a successful intervention.

These apps offer many other high-tech features like recording sounds in the surroundings, remote control to lock the cell phone and wipe the data. Now you can spy on Android phones without the need to have the phone in your hands all the time.


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