How to Hack Company’s Network? Hakin9 Digest 12/2012

December 21, 2012

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How to Hack Company's Network? Hakin9 Digest 12/2012How to Hack Company’s Network? Hakin9 Digest 12/2012 – Hakin9 Teasers
How to Hack Company's Network? Hakin9 Digest 12/2012

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Dear Readers,

Companies are the most prone for crackers. Hackers seize this opportunity and try to steal companies’ data. What they want most is the access to companies’ bank accounts. Consider preparing your company for the attack. Learn how to do it from Hakin9 12/2012! In the incoming issue you will find:

How to Secure Your Company’s Network with the Juniper Netscreen NS Series. Security Appliance – Part 2
by Chris Weber
In last month’s article we took a look at the Netscreen NS and SSG series security appliances and a general overview of ScreenOS. In part two we’ll take a closer look at some actual Screens, attack protections and capabilities and how they compare with the PIX along with a cool troubleshooting feature included with ScreenOS that helps examine packets as they enter and leave the network without the use of a protocol analyzer.

How to Perform an Attack – the Anatomy
by Jose Julian Rojas Ramires
Discover each of the anatomical systems and organs of an attack, how they influence their behaviour and how they are represented with a designed case especially for this article.

Incident Respond in the Cloud
by Jaime Martn-Hinojal
Incident Response (IR) is one of the key pillars of information security management. Even the most careful preparation and secure environment cannot completely eliminate the possibility of an attack or loss of information. One of the central questions for organizations moving into the cloud must therefore be: what must be done to keep confidentiality, integrity and availability of your resources in the cloud?

How to Hack Through a Phone Ring Test
by Nitin Goplani
New technologies are coming day by day, hence we tend to ignore the older ones. Taking advantage of these, attackers always tries to make you victim by getting access with those older technologies. Modem  is one of those old age technologies, so beware!

How to Pentest Java Applet

by Nitin Goplani
This article introduces a head start for pentesting java applet. Thick client application is based on a different architecture, so a different mindset is required for pentesting.

Application Specific DDoS Attacks is a Primer!
by Ozan Ozkara
The DDoS attack matrix shows no signs of change, but the truth is that it may be getting worse. Recent research from several institutes and some security companies’ papers has shown that not only are DDoS attacks getting volumetric and extremely frequent, but at same time they are becoming more complicated, more targeted and increasingly stealthy mechanisms used by black organizations.

BYOD Security
by Brandon Liew
The objective of this article is to deliver a message to readers about security concerns, and BYOD implementation. I hope this article will bring ideas about the benefits of BYOD. I will also discuss security issues surrounding BYOD adoption. Also, I wish for the reader to find an idea from my article about ways to mitigate security issues surrounding BYOD.

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