How to Embrace Machine Learning and AI in the Classroom by Kamy Anderson

Jul 16, 2019

AI and machine learning technology are gaining momentum. It’s expected that by 2021, AI and machine learning in education will grow by 47.5%. The sooner the classrooms around the world embrace these technologies, the sooner they’ll reap their benefits. And the benefits are many.

Teachers and educators around the world can rely on LMS software, virtual classroom software, online employee training, and more, to give better and smarter learning experiences. But to learn how to embrace and incorporate these technologies into your classroom, you’ll need to know what they can do for you and your students. So, let’s see what AI and machine learning have to offer, and how you can leverage them. 

Automate Administrative Tasks

In educational institutions across different countries, over 95% of teachers report a significant increase in the number of administrative tasks they have to perform. Some of the more time-consuming tasks, of course, include grading exams and assessing homework.

Incorporating AI and machine learning technology into your classrooms can turn these tasks into a piece of cake.

One of the greatest benefits of AI is that it can analyze inordinate....

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Roman Chuprina
Roman Chuprina
4 years ago

This is a great article and interesting topic, thank you for bringing it up. I think Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning could be very useful in education for adults too. There is big amount of people that prefer to study without attending any institution in all. For example, in most countries’ music education is really poor, or even nonexistent. Smart music assistant that helps to learn music via smartphone would be super useful for me. Having access to the Berklee College of Music material without actually attending it would be great!

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