How is AR/VR changing cybersecurity for the better by Shigraf Aijaz


Not too long ago, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences were mere concepts of the sci-fiction world. However, we now see these concepts coming to life, starting from the gaming sector and then slowly and rapidly taking over the business, healthcare, and the educational world. The rapid digitization within the world has seen a massive growth spurt in the use of AR/VR technology.  To top it off, the recent hype on metaverse is another new branch of AR/VR technology that we have yet to explore. Similarly, the impact of AR/VR technology is another use of this technology that cybersecurity professionals are gingerly proceeding to explore. However, considering the potential these technologies contain and the remarkable ways they have helped other industries grow, there is no doubt that AR and VR technology will help cybersecurity flourish.  How is AR/VR changing cybersecurity for the better? Cyber security has become a....

February 8, 2022
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Alireza ghahrood
Alireza ghahrood
1 year ago

1. Vulnerability scan – all assets
2. Fix them
3. Technical/System Audit
4.Fix Them
5. Pentest on assets with high value tag
6.Fix Them
7. Fine tune, Hardening on Services
8. Governance(Hardening)
9. Bug Bounty, Fix
And final Threat Hunting Day 2 day
Risk= Vulnerability

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