How I hacked into an internet cafe? by Aditya Anand

January 16, 2019

Just got over with my final exams so, I thought why not write one article about the hack that I enjoyed the most. It’s an old hack that I carried out few months back but it is still very much relevant today on systems that are running legacy operating systems and are not regularly updated. This article is really close to me as this was the first time I was able to open a remote desktop client.


So let me give you the outline of the hack, I got access to the network by breaking into the wifi access point and then leveraging the fact that they the system was vulnerable to smb attack ( CVE-2017–010 ), its port 445 was open. Then I used Metasploit to launch a reverse shell and gain control over the system, then I loaded mimikatz to get the login credentials and then used remote desktop client which gave me total access to the files and folders.

It’s easier said than done, let me show you how the whole thing was carried out.

Let’s dig in!

So, the hack began with me getting into their network via their wifi which was protected by a silly password, it was extremely common (123pass456), you can read here....

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