Harvesting email addresses for OSINT [FREE COURSE CONTENT]


In this video from our OSINT for Hackers online course by Atul Tiwari you will learn how to use the Harvester in combination with Shodan to collect email addresses for intelligence gathering. It's a routine task every hacker should be able to perform, so if you are unsure on how to proceed, this tutorial will help you out. Jump in and enjoy! 

In the age of social networking where people post everything about themselves over the insecure internet, it becomes easy to hunt for or harvest information with the help of open source intelligence gathering. The only thing we are required is to use is the right set of mind with the right set of open source tools.

We can get almost everything, from credit card numbers to social security numbers, personal data, complete profiles of any person, vulnerable and misconfigured servers, private or internal IP addresses of an organization, passwords for admin panel, geo-location of IP addresses; more than 80 percent of the desired information can be obtained using only OSINT (Open Source Intelligence gathering).

This course is focused only on OSINT tools that are free to use. We have used numerous such tools that act as a silver bullet in terms of accessing public sources. In module 1, starting with DNS enumeration, getting useful URLs, IP and host finder, we will dive into harvesting email addresses anonymously and finding information about an email. Google dork or Google hacking database will play a crucial role in finding the complete information about anything deeply. Netcraft, web archives, and cached data will complete this module with outstanding command over all the topics discussed. You can start OSINT straight from here.

The exercises of the module focus on: 

  • Harvesting email addresses
  • Using Google dorks to find hidden data
  • Searching for cached data
  • Using Automater
  • Gathering DNS records

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April 25, 2022
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2 years ago

Excelente curso este es el pilar para realizar un buen trabajo de seguridad informática   

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