Hardware analysis step-by-step [FREE COURSE CONTENT]


In this video on hardware analysis from our DVID Challenge - IoT Security course (which is BACK IN STOCK at this moment, yay!) you will learn what to do when you first get your hands on an IoT device and want to test its security. The tutorial is jam-packed with details and pro tips for identifying components and analyzing them, just so you can hack your device. No time to wait, jump in!

The video is captioned - turn subtitles on by clicking the "CC" button in the bottom right corner of the player window.

IoT is a growing market and will be the future of our daily lives. Because of its emergence, there is no standard to guide the development process, there are many protocols and custom solutions to connect a hardware device to a cloud. Sometimes, middleware (like a smartphone application) could be encountered between the hardware and the cloud.

This IoT course will explain IoT concepts, IoT construction, hardware analysis, and security holes. Each student will train themself on a dedicated open sourced vulnerable board. They will be able to improve their skill to find vulnerabilities and learn how avoid them during development.

The DVID board: 

This IoT device is designed by the course instructor and published as open source. The main objective is to provide to interested people a vulnerable board to improve their skill in IoT hacking. The board core is composed of an Atmega328p and an OLED screen. For each training, a firmware could be flashed on the Atmega328p in order to offer a specific vulnerable environment. There are also connection ports like UART, Bluetooth, 2,4Ghz and Wifi. 

Training needs some attack tools like USBasp and USBuart.

All content is open sourced and published here: https://github.com/Vulcainreo/DVID

This board is necessary to participate in the "IoT Security - the DVID Challenge" online course. With this order you'll purchase a pre-made, ready to go board. The price includes international shipping, but it does not include any customs fees your country's Customs Office might charge. We are not responsible for getting your package through customs, and if your package is stopped at the border, you will be contacted by the Customs Office to make sure it goes through.  


To fully participate in this course you need to have the DVID (Damn Vulnerable IoT Device). It is necessary to participate in the class. You can order one pre-made with this course, or manufacture one yourself - see instructions below.

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April 25, 2022
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