Hacker Motives: Trends and Prevention Tips by Varonis


The evolution of technology always creates positive and negative possibilities in our everyday lives. For example, home assistants help busy moms efficiently get through their hectic morning routines. They can get jot down a to-do list while she’s getting the kids dressed and ready for school. Home and office security systems are another great example of convenient tech. Thanks to the IoT, closing the office and leaving the home can take seconds with a simple touch on your phone. This convenience, however, comes at a price. Our connected devices make it easier for malicious hackers to gain control of different aspects of our lives and access sensitive information. People today can even hack our cars to gain info like our home address and daily schedule. Complacency in our highly connected world comes at a price.

Fortunately, we can track hacker patterns like how they track our patterns. Keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in hacks gives us strong indicators about what hackers are after and where we should prioritize our cybersecurity efforts. For example, the recent leak of German politicians’ personal data follows a strong trend of hacks in the public administration arena. Personal information was the most compromised data variety in the past year. This is a sign for personnel working in public admin to step up their cybersecurity practices for their personal accounts starting with things like multi-factor authentication and stronger passwords.

Varonis put together this infographic to break down the rising trends of hacker motives from the past year. Take a look below and see what data is most vulnerable for your company, who is possibly your biggest threat and how you can protect your business against these rising trends.

hacker motives infographic

hacker motives tips infographic


February 11, 2019
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