Go-shellcode – a repository of Windows Shellcode runners and supporting utilities


go-shellcode is a repository of Windows Shellcode runners and supporting utilities. The applications load and execute Shellcode using various API calls or techniques. The available Shellcode runners include: CreateFiber CreateProcess CreateProcessWithPipe CreateRemoteThread CreateRemoteThreadNative CreateThread CreateThreadNative EarlyBird EtwpCreateEtwThread NtQueueApcThreadEx (local) RtlCreateUserThread Syscall Shellcode Utils UuidFromStringA CreateFiber This application leverages the Windows CreateFiber function from the Kernel32.dll to execute shellcode within this application's process. This is usefull when you want to avoid remote process injection and want to avoid calling CreateThread. This application DOES NOT leverage functions from the golang.org/x/sys/windows package. The most significant difference is that this application loads all the necessary DLLs and Procedures itself and uses the procedure's Call() function. NOTE: I have not figured out way to have the process exit and you will have to manually terminate it. The application can be compiled with the following command on a Windows host from the project's root directory: set GOOS=windows GOARCH=amd64;go build -o CreateFiber.exe .\cmd\CreateFiber\main.go CreateProcess This application leverages the....

August 17, 2021
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