Getting Offensive with Go


Introduction Creating Reverse Shells and bypassing Anti-Virus (AV) with Golang. Using Golang in security has become very popular over the last few years. In this article, I want to cover several existing Golang scripts that you can use to create Reverse Shells and possibly even bypass Anti-Virus. We will start…

March 31, 2023


Daniel Dieterle
Daniel W. Dieterle, aka “CyberArms”, has been in the computer industry for over twenty years, and currently is a Security Author, Researcher & Consultant. He is an Internationally Published Author that just released his eighth book, “Security Testing with Raspberry Pi, Second Edition”. He is also working on his next book, a complete overhaul of his original, “Basic Security Testing with Kali Linux” which will be available next year. Daniel runs two tech blogs - &, and is very active as a mentor, helping those new to the security field. More information on his books can be found on his Amazon Author Page -
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