Getting Ahead of Cyber Security Breaches by Traci Folse


Cyber security breaches are on the rise. Criminals use a range of methods to trick, coerce, and steal data from businesses and individuals alike. In order to stay secure, you must get ahead of the criminals. This requires an understanding of the major threats in play today, preventative measures, and emergency plans.

Understand the Different Types of Security Breaches

Cyber security breaches take many forms. The most common form is probably malware, which may be designed to infect any computer it comes across. It can even be tailored to a particular target. Most users are familiar with some form of malware, particularly viruses and spyware. Without proper firewalls and antivirus protections, it’s easy to be infected.

Phishing schemes make up a substantial part of today’s security breach cyber-attacks. These clever scams send emails or other communications to a business’s employees, encouraging them to change their password, review a file, or perform some other function that will reveal ways into the system. Armed with this information, criminals can access the system and review all data available to their victim. Damage often goes undetected until the original phishing victim realizes their mistake. Other kinds of password attacks, where the criminal uses additional software to endlessly guess at the right combination, are still common, but phishing is often more successful.

A rising trend in cyber security breaches utilizes ransomware. These attacks infiltrate and lock down targeted computers until the owners pay a ‘ransom’ to regain access. While the owners are locked out, criminals can steal data. These security breach cyber-attacks are particularly vicious and often leave ransomed data corrupted.

Go the Extra Mile

The best way to stay ahead of cyber security breaches is to do more than you strictly have to. Don’t let legal requirements dictate the entirety of your defense. Layering security is the best way to protect sensitive data, no matter what kind of attack you face. Investing in encryption is one of the best decisions you can make, and if you don’t already employ multi-step verification, you should. The stronger your defenses, the fewer attackers will get through.

Plan for the Worst

An important part of getting ahead is planning for the worst. Do you have redundancies in place if your data is compromised or corrupted? What emergency IT services do you have on standby? If the attack compromises secure data, what is your notification and compensation procedure for customers, suppliers, etc.? The more you plan ahead, the fewer long-term damages you will suffer. Remember, one emergency plan is good, but an emergency plan with backup options is better.

There is no single step that can keep a business safe from cyber security breaches. To stay safe, businesses must employ a range of preemptive measures and layer their protection. A thorough emergency plan will also help stem losses in case an attack gets through. Each aspect of cyber security features multiple steps and considerations. The more you utilize, the more secure you will be.

About the Author:

I am a security researcher with 8+ years of experience in Data Security or anti-malware. My job is about focusing on penetration testing and bug hunting. I also have rich experience in testing wide range of systems and applications. During my stint as an IT security analyst cum researcher, I have discovered vulnerabilities in various software. In my free time I loves to write. I have written several technical articles for top notch IT security related websites and magazines.  

September 5, 2017


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