Frida API Fuzzer - experimental fuzzer meant to be used for API in-memory fuzzing.

Apr 7, 2020

This experimental fuzzer is meant to be used for API in-memory fuzzing.

The design is highly inspired and based on AFL/AFL++.

ATM the mutator is quite simple, just the AFL's havoc and splice stages.

I tested only the examples under tests/, this is a WIP project but is known to works at least on GNU/Linux x86_64 and Android x86_64.

You need Frida >= 12.8.1 to run this (pip3 install -U frida) and frida-tools to compile the harness.


The fuzz library has to be imported into a custom harness and then compiled with frida-compile to generate the agent that frida-fuzzer will inject into the target app.

The majority of the logic of the fuzzer is in the agent.

A harness has the following format:

var fuzz = require("./fuzz");

var TARGET_MODULE = "test_linux64";
var TARGET_FUNCTION = DebugSymbol.fromName("target_func").address;;
var RET_TYPE = "void";
var ARGS_TYPES = ['pointer', 'int'];

var func_handle = new NativeFunction(TARGET_FUNCTION, RET_TYPE, ARGS_TYPES, { traps: 'all' });


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