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      In W42M07, you un-comment <i>hid_backdoor.txt </i>and in the example, you un-comment hid_keyboard2.txt.

      In W42M08, you un-comment <i>hid_backdoor.txt.</i> I have followed this and am not seeing the backdoor shell after reboot of the pi.

      Message reports “There is no screen to be detached”

      I have looked at the online troubleshooting and this appears to be a known issue. “sudo screen -r” reports there is no screen to resume.

      In this case, the target is a windows 10 laptop.

      I am using a new USB cable and I see the same results whether the Pi is attached to the target or not. If I launch “sudo python P4wnP1/hidtools/backdoor/P4wnP1.py” I see ‘client is not connected’.  I can set my KeyBoardLayout and launch FireStage1.

      I see “Starting to type out stage1 to the target…” but that is all. If the interactive screen does not start, is it worth it to launch the python script? I tried to connect to a different USB port and rebooted the Pi with the same results.

      Could a diagram of the setup be added, the discrepancy corrected in the coursework, and any troubleshooting steps you might provide? The video in W42M08 was about as successful as what I outlined.

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      Thomas Sermpinis

      Hello mindworkssec and thank you for your comment.

      In general please stick to the written material and regarding the “uncomment” I just show the way to uncoment it so as I said stick to what is written for the correct process.

      Regarding your issue, screen is a terminal manager which is not related to this project. I would suggest you to perform a new installation of your OS and of the project to see if this fixes the issue, because I believe that something is configured wrongly during your installation. Also, please check if there is a problem with the screen version that you are running and if so please try to downgrade. Google (and stackoverflow) is always your best friend but if you continue to have issues please give some more information (like logs and setup information) so we can better understand the core of your issue :)

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      Thomas Sermpinis

      Also, for more information, and to apply for device specific issues you can ask here https://github.com/mame82/P4wnP1/issues, which is the official repo of the project. :D

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