Flash Framework - a high performance, open source web application framework for hackers

June 3, 2020

Flash is a high performance, open-source web application framework. Flash web framework follows the MVT (Model-View-Template) architectural pattern or you can say MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern because the controller is handle by the system. Flash is fast, lightweight, powerful, simple, and easy to use.

It allows users to create web applications in an easy and simplest way, in the framework users can create their own services and library.


  • Fast and powerful web framework.
  • Extremely Light Weight.
  • MVT Architecture.
  • You can build RESTful APIs faster.
  • Security and XSS Filtering.
  • Simple and easy to learn.
  • Easy to deploy on any server.

Flash architecture

Flash web framework based on MVT (Model-View-Template) architecture. The MVT (Model-View-Template) is a software design pattern. The Model helps to handle database. It is a data access layer that handles the database. The Template is a presentation layer that handles the User Interface part. The View is used to execute the business logic and interact with a model to carry data and renders a template.

Directory Structure of Flash


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