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Troubleshooting - Course Participants


  • some images on the course appeared blurred or low resolution
  • the video player shows a “privacy settings” message and asks you to log into Vimeo to view the video
  • the video player does not work at all
  • units are not loading properly

Please try the following first, if possible:

  • log in to your account using a different browser and see if the issues persist
  • try updating your browser
  • Clear your cookies
  • try changing your cookie/privacy settings

If the above solutions don't work, please contact us at [email protected]. If possible, attach screenshots of what you're seeing to the message.


First, check if the purchase was successful. If you received the receipt, and you can’t access the course, please send us a message at

Remember to add the number of your purchase and the name of the course.

You can find this information on the course page. Also, we always remind you by the start of the course via e-mail (it’s better to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date!).

There is no schedule. Every course is self-paced and pre-recorded, which means that the schedule is entirely up to you.

As the courses are self-paced, this is entirely up to you. However, we aim for our courses to take about 18 hours of work for an average student. A few courses are shorter - you can always find appropriate information on the course page.

Yes. In general, you can move through course units at your own pace, when you have time. But assignments and the final exam have certain timelines that you can’t miss. In assignments/exercises, it’s 30 days after you click to start them.The 30 day limit is a system requirement, and is limited to upload pages only. The upload pages should be accessed to upload assignments only (you can view the instructions in the course before that). If you time out, contact our staff and we’ll reset it for you. Final exams have various deadlines, so remember to read the information about the exam structure before clicking to start it.

No, we’re digital only. Hakin9 offers online courses and magazine (PDF issues) - available to download on our website.

You can’t. At this moment, we don’t offer an option to watch or download the video materials. Everything is stored on our servers and you must be connected to the internet to watch them.

You can leave a comment on the course units, post on the course forum, or send them an in-system message (through your profile’s inbox).

As a rule, we don’t give out our instructors’ email addresses. Please leave a comment, post on the forum, or reply to an in-system message from the instructor. You can also contact our staff at and we’ll get your message to the instructor.

Certificates are included in online courses without additional payments. You always have a chance to receive it, but to do so you must first receive a certain number of points. To successfully pass the course, you must achieve a passing threshold. The information about passing threshold is in the course units, so make sure you read the information. You gather points by completing assignments and the final exam. When you reach the passing threshold, you will receive a certificate that will confirm your success.

Yes, you have to :) Each course contains tasks that you need to solve correctly to get a certificate.

It depends on the course duration. You will find this information on the course page. Most frequently, our courses last 18 hours and 18 CPE points are awarded on completion.

When each course first launches we publish one module per week - after that, all modules are available (no unlocking necessary). If you have any questions about the course’s publishing schedule, contact our staff at and we’ll be happy to give you the details.

Please contact our staff at so that we can increase the upload limit for you. Don’t forget to let us know which assignment you’re working on!

Check if your report file is the correct format and size (you can find this information by the upload field). If it is and the system is still not accepting your submission, you see upload errors, or after submitting the page refreshes without saving your answer, make a screenshot and send it to our staff at with the assignment name/code.

Ideally, you should print your report into a PDF file. If your report consists of screenshots, you should place them in a Word document, and print that into a PDF. If there is absolutely no way you can make your report into a PDF file, contact our staff at to discuss the issue further.

It is not an automatic process. Monday through Friday we strive to grade all assignments within 24-48 hours of submission. We make every effort so that your solution being checked carefully. In general, we don’t evaluate them during the weekend. If you are on a tight deadline to get the certificate, please contact us at to make sure we know to pay special attention to your submissions.

We take great care to make sure the assignments test skills and knowledge taught in the modules, to ensure the best learning outcome for you. If you're having trouble with an assignment, first try going back to the module materials to see if you can find a hint on how to proceed.
You can also check the course main page and see if the missing piece is listed in the prerequisites section - if yes, do some research on your own and return to the assignment when you feel more confident about the topic.

Some advanced assignments have easier alternatives that require you to contact our staff to get the instructions - it’s always clearly stated in the course that such an alternative exists.

Finally, you can always post questions and comments in the units and on the forum!

The 30 day limit is a system requirement, and is limited to upload pages only. The upload pages should be accessed to upload assignments only (you can view the instructions in the course before that). If you time out, contact our staff at and we’ll reset it for you.

If you are out of retakes, please contact our staff .
Please consider the quizzes, while supplemental to practical labs and exercises that are the backbone of our course grading schemes, as part of what goes into your certificate score. Failure to pass the quiz indicates your knowledge or skills are not yet sufficient to qualify for the certificate.

We put a lot of effort into making sure all content published on the course is correct, but errors do sometimes happen. Please contact our staff at  and we’ll review your quiz results carefully.

Click the “Finish Course” button inside the course module. Make sure your correct information (the "First name" and "Last name" fields) is filled out in your profile first.

Yes. Finishing the course blocks you from re-submitting assignments and using quiz retakes, but the units are all still accessible.

We don’t send the certificates. After successful course completion, a certificate will be generated by our system in PDF format. You can print it on your own or send it to your employer or add it to your resume.

Additionally you will receive a notification message from our system, that you received a certificate.

Contact our staff at [email protected] to reverse the process of finishing the course and unlock the assignments. After that, it’s all about getting those missing points!

There are three possibilities:

(1) you have unfinished units,

(2) you have unsubmitted assignments or quizzes, or

(3) your submissions are not graded.

You should take care of those (or, in the case of (3), wait for evaluation) before you try again. If everything is in order and the error still appears, contact our staff at for help.

After successful completion of course, the certificate is generated by our system, in PDF format. You can find in your dashboard/profile. It’s very hard to miss, therefore, if you don’t find it there, please contact us at Remember to write the name of the course you completed and your username.

Go to your profile, and fill out the “First name” and “Last name” fields. Contact us at hello@hakin9.orgto regenerate the certificate.

Please contact our staff for help at, make sure to send screenshots of what you’re seeing.

While your subscription is active, you have access to all our courses, automatically. If you run into any issues while accessing a course, please document the problem with screenshots and please contact us at for a solution.

Only one person can participate in the course exercises - it will be impossible to grade multiple submissions from one account, as well as assign certificates.

If you have a educational subscription plan with course access,  you can create an account on our website, and unlock access to all materials. If you don't have an individual account, contact the person responsible for subscription plan management in your university (your professor or check library page for details) and ask them for one.

If it’s not mentioned in the syllabus, it’s probably not covered - but it depends! If you’re seeing a more general theme being mentioned, it’s possible (for example, if the syllabus says the course goes over injection vulnerabilities, there’s a good chance SQL injection is covered as well). To make sure, contact our staff at and we can confirm that for you. If it’s early enough in the course development process, the instructor might even decide to include your topic, even if it wasn’t originally planned for!

If you experienced technical difficulties while submitting the quiz, please let us know at, and we can reset it for you. You can also use a retake, if you still have one available.

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Troubleshooting - Instructors

We take time to process all materials before they are published. This includes reviews and proofreading. The courses are also on a publication schedule. If you are not sure why the materials are not yet up, or you think it’s been too long, contact your coordinator.

○ Go to the course main page
○ Click on the “Admin” tab
○ Choose “Submissions”, then “Assignments”
○ From the dropdown menu select the assignment you want to see, or any assignment with a number next to it (numbers indicate ungraded submissions). Click “Get”.

○ After a list of student submissions appears, choose the one you want to evaluate and click on the “Evaluate” button.

○ You can leave a comment/feedback for student by putting it in the score box.

○ Once you do it, click save score grade.




There’s nothing simpler than that! You have to log into your account on our website. Just click in the comment text form (it is most often located on the bottom of the page), leave your reply and click “post comment”.

Go into the “Assignments” section in the “Submissions” tab, but choose “Evaluation complete” instead of “Pending evaluation” when listing assignments. Find the student’s name there and click the “Reset” button.

Go into the “Assignments” section in the “Submissions” tab, but choose “Evaluation complete” instead of “Pending evaluation” when listing assignments. Find the student’s name there and click the “Evaluate” button. Grade the assignment normally.

Go into the grading panel, and use the “Additional remarks” field. Save the score. This will open a message thread between you and the student. You can set the points to 0 here, and raise the score later on, after your question is answered.

No, unless we have discussed this specifically, all quizzes are graded automatically.

Contact your contract coordinator for full details on this, as the numbers you see on the website might not indicate the number relevant to course participation or sales.

Check the notification for a unit code, and go to that unit’s comment section.

The course forum can be accessed by clicking on the “Forum” tab on the main course page.

  1. If the notification is about a comment, you need to go to the respective unit.
  2. If it’s about a post on the forum, go to the course forum.
  3. If it’s about a message from a student, go to your profile inbox.
  4. If it’s about an assignment submission, go to the assignment evaluation panel.

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