External Understanding: Dissecting APIs inside of IoT devices (Part 1)


Introduction As the world of IoT evolves, so does the security within this realm, like most fields. One of the more popular brands for being quite hidden from the public is Apple. Despite Apple having their systems compromised hundreds of times, protocols reversed, and source code leaked, they still seem to be much more frustrating to work with due to the limited knowledge of their custom implementations of specific protocols. In this article, we will discuss the internals of IoT devices, specifically looking at Apple TV. For context, the Apple TV is a device manufactured by Apple as a smart home hub that allows you to easily play movies, shows, or any form of media while also being Apple to start interactive screen share/mirroring sessions. Once a brief introduction is done on how Apple TV works, we will then go into exploring the protocols, services, and other various systems that....

May 18, 2023


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