Exploiting SQL injection using acunetix vulnerability scanner and sqlmap


SQL injection (SQLi) SQLi is the most well-known of all web application flaws and most web application security professionals have some familiarity with SQL injection flaws that allow a hacker’s use of malicious code to bypass web application security and gain access to databases. How Does a SQL Injection Attack Work? SQL injection is the most dangerous security risk for web applications. Attacks usually result in data being deleted or destroyed and could lead to the entire webserver being compromised. Before we can find SQL injection vulnerabilities, we must first identify the locations where data can be found and passed into a database. Authentication is usually supported by the database and depends on the nature of the web application; other domains, such as a web form, messaging website e-commerce often require interaction with the database. Identify SQL Injection vulnerability  We can identify SQL injection vulnerabilities by just using a single....

March 2, 2023


Adam Karim
Adam Karim
Computer Engineer in Digital Forensics and IT Security. Certificates (Degree of Bachelor of Science 180 credits); 2018 Degree of Bachelor of Science in Digital Forensics and IT-Security; main field of study Computer Engineering - Dalarna University in Sweden; Courses: 1) 2020 Ethical hacking I - KTH Stockholm; 2) 2019 Cyber Forensics, Stockholm University, 3) 2014 IT Security III: Computer Forensics Lab, KTH Royal institute of technology-Stockholm; 4) 2012 Linux Server Administration, UMEA University in Sweden, 5) 2012 Python Programming, Stockholm University in Sweden; 5) 2010 HI117V IT Security I, KTH Royal institute of technology in Stockholm; 6) 2010 HI103V Data Communications, KTH Stockholm; 7) 2008 HI119V IT-Security II: Computer Forensics, KTH Stockholm; author of articles for eForensics Magazine;
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